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jamzband's Journal

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i'll fix this later

"amelia", "brian touched my pen!", "donnie-wahlberg-used-to-have-hair-what-happened?", "his-name-isn't-howie-it's-aj", "i'm a serious musician!", "i-thought-i-told-you-i-quit-rappin", "jon actually tried!", "look at that body", "the youngest nkotb", "who's-whispering-it's-one-of-those-new-kids", "ya'll-woke-me-up-from-nappin", *5/28/2011, *6/15/2011, *6/3/13, *8/17/2012, *8/18/2012, 10 humps, 98?, aj & donnie's bromance, aj mclean, aj rape, all nighters, all of "unfinished", are you down?, back-to-life = zombie nkotb, backstreet boys, ball of cells, being ignored on twitter, boston is magical, boston thugs, boy bands, brian and the old-lady, brian littrell, brian's christian values, broken leg nkotb, brother-in-law turned future-husband, bsb, buff in buffalo, buffalo&pittsburgh&hershey&boston, cardboard cutout donnie, change of heart over-jordan, click-click-click live!!, cmon fate, confused donnie girl, creepy boyband whispers, dallas moroway, danny's breakdancing, dirty dancing & clickclickclick, dirty dawg, documentayrees, dogface, donnie irresponsibly-driving-the-bus, donnie wahlberg, donnie's a jon girl, donnie's pink drinks, donnie's rapping, driving to pittsburgh, drunken afterparties(for free), fictional girl groups, fighting in waffle houses, following tourbuses, fuck you nick carter, getting kidnapped, getting yelled at by-bus-drivers, heart hands, howie & danny's creepy-bromance, howie dorough, howie's lip balm, huge wine bottles, jamz jam, jc-beats-his-girlfriends, joey & brian's bromance, joey lifting his shirt, joey mcintyre, joey mcknight, joey staring at ryan, joey the tourist, joey's no beginner, johnny fuckface, jon's spontaneous heterosexuality, jonathan knight, jordan knight, jordan serenades, jordan's creepy carnival rape-voice, jordan=the back up plan, leighanne is a trusting-woman, lexie, lexie sniffing donnie's shirt, lexie's in the trunk, lexie-cockblocking-herself, lexie-likes-to-dirty-dance-and-wear-tube-tops, loose with the juice, loving leighanne, magical vending machines, magical xm radio, marky mark's bro, marky mark's hate crimes, miscarriages, mixtape festival 2012, moments with donnie, never noll, new kids on-the-block, nick carter sometimes, nick counting his-dance-steps, nick lachey's creepy smirk, nick loves canada, nick rape, nick&brian love dirty dawg, nicole 4 eva, nkotb, nkotb ruins lives, nkotbsb, no sexscenes for lexie, no1curr about kevin, not larry shippers, not nkotbsb anons, o y live, one direction, our black manager, pancakeface, questioning-the-existence-of-jordan's-wife, rawker steven, remix = our song, ryan, sassy gay friend jon, selling organs, showing the o-face, singing with donnie, sophie devereux, souls depressed, spring-break-on-a-private-island, staying consistent with kevin-hate, stealthy joey, stingy, survive you in suits, the 2-days aj-was-attractive, the beatles, the vip dream, the-camera-guy loves lexie, those dapper nkotbs, three generations of boybands, top listeners for nkotb, tpg, trying to survive nkotb, we hate johnny, welcome to the blockparty, why-cant-you-do-this-during-the-day????!!!!, why-won't-you-listen-to-my-beats, word let's go left