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okay i gave in these are all awful [09 Dec 2013|02:40pm]

no seriously theyre all bad

he looks so much better in person, i sent him a request last night, i bet he never adds me back
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[22 Nov 2013|10:37pm]

so i've got a new dude to crush at work on

his name is grant idk how old he is, he's super hot to me, and has a super smart degree

we're going to marry next june and have 2 children

god i'm fucking insane, why are you friends with me?

ps his birthday was today and i could've worked longer with him but i got sick at work and went home, but maybe i'll see him more now and I can just stare and swoon

now to try and find him on facebook
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[24 Jun 2013|11:50am]

so you know the adorable child my mom babysits?

I recorded her singing we are never getting back together and i wanted to share the cuteness with you, so


enjoy <3 (if that link doesn't work I quit life.)
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[14 Jun 2013|07:57pm]

so these two chicks came through my line today and the one had on a nkotbsb shirt and i mentioned i had the same one, and she just kinda scoffed it off, but when my coworker who was bagging for me mentioned something about nick and where he was and how big he had gotten (lol) she was so fucking lost

so i mentioned i went to the package tour after they mentioned going to it in august and she like called her friend back "she went to the tour and said it was awesome!!" like she was amazed it would've been anything but, and i mentioned how you caught donnie's shirt and she was just like "i love him", idk if she was holding her crazy in or what but it was just very weird.

then i asked where they were sitting at the buffalo show and they said the 200s and it didn't matter cause theyd be drunk, and i lol'd.

thats my story for the day ty for your time.
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dirty dawgs only. [10 Jul 2011|11:00pm]

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